Logistics / Intermodal

A.T.F. Arienti provides an intermodal service in that it promotes the goods transportation culture via Rail from and to abroad. 

- Integration of Rail and Road transportation
 in order to achieve important objectives and improve the Import/Export market, such as:

- Punctuality and efficiency thanks to the rail cars that reach Desio Station directly such as:
Sbb Cargo (Swiss Rail), Db Schenker Rail (German Rail) and Trenitalia (Italian Rail)

- Metal Products we are able to manage any size product, whether standard or oversized in length, width and weight

- Environment improvement in that, with goods transportation via rail we contribute to a reduction in pollution and space that trucks cause on the roads

- Maximum safety for A.D.R. goods, hazardous and non-hazardous goods in that Rail transportation is the safest way to ship over long distances